Sunday, November 6, 2011


Susan Caroline "Susie" McCammon Archer was born in Howell County Missouri. When she was less than three years old her mother filed for divorce. By the age of 8 she, her sister Lena and
Mother Elizabeth were living alone in Wright County Missouri. Around 1881 her mother had died and she and Lena were brought to Texas where Lena was sent to live with a John Howell family in Van Zandt County and Susie lived with a farm family that she worked for. Her granddaughter, my mother, Ouida Carlisle Walker says Susie said she always wanted to know what happened to her dad. She said he went to work one day and never returned.
What is covered in this blog is the documents and information I have accumulated over time to show who her father was and what happened to him.
Although I may not have known her, I have always felt the need "find" her father and put her wondering to rest.

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