Thursday, November 10, 2011


Susie's History Lena's History Research/Conclusions 1 Mother's name Elizabeth Ware, Father's name Mathew McCamearn/McCammon Mother's name Elizabeth Ware, Father's name Mathew McCameron Marriage record 1871 Phelps County, Missouri: Lisabeth Ware & Mathew McAmmon--middle of the state of Missosuri. 2 Elizabeth's family was on a wagon train when she met Mathew. Elizabeth's family were Quakers and when Elizabeth and Mathew decided to marry Elizabeth's father told her is she married him not to come back to the wagon train. Kaye: 1-28-2010 I spoke with Les Ware in Arkansas who is doing Ware genealogy. He said that his Wares were from Tennessee and they were Quakers. If Elizabeth did marry outside of the Quaker faith she would have been disowned. 3 Mathew had red hair and broke horses Elizabeth, Susie, Lena living in Wright County, Missouri on 1880 census 4 When Suzie was about 5 and her sister was about 3 their mother died. The sister went to live with nieghbors and then they were split and sent to other neighbors. Susie came to Texas and lived with a Campbell/Kimball/Kimbrell family. Mother died and Lena was placed in home of a Howell family in Fort Worth, Texas. They were people of status, banking business. Name of husband was John Howell. Death certificates for Lena and Susie give dates of birth for Lena 1874 and Susie 1872. Both born in Missouri. John Howell and probably Sarah E were the people that Lena lived with. Susie married 1890 in Bosque County, Texas. John Howell was the man who took Lena in. Lena married Hadley Phipps in Van Zandt County in 1891. Her maiden name on certificate was McCameron. 5 Susie and Lena's Uncle Joe was coming to get the girls, not sure if it was before Elizabeth died or after, but he died in route. Found a Joseph Ware in Wright County, Missouri in 1880 census. Wife was Margarett J. Could be 6 Father ran off with mother's sister. Was told father died by sister. No evidence of either, as yet, can not find Mathew on census 1880, 1900, etc nor grave site 7 Susie's husband put ad in Dallas newspaper to find Lena. Lena and Susie had lost contact for 16 years. Had to be after 1890. 8 Were reunited per ad 9 Teddy Archer, Susie's daughter, took Susie to Benton County, Arkansas to visit Elizabeth's grave. Thought Shiloh Cemetery Elizabeth died and was buried by Shiloh Church and cemetery. Not far from Poplar Bluff, Butler County. Missouri There is a Shiloh Cemetery in Benton County, Arkansas, but not near Bella Vista. It is near Siloam Springs. Have not found grave for Elizabeth 10 When Hadley and Lena were newly weds a red-headed man approached Hadley in Fort Worth while Lena was shopping and Hadley was waiting for her in the wagon. The man asked if Hadley was the man who married Lena McCammon and he said that he was. He red headed man asked if she was happy. When told that she was he said that was all he wanted to know and left. This had to be in 1891-1892 as they were newlyweds. I don't think that Hadley and Lena ever left Van Zandt County; the Howells didn't. I am not sure that the redheaded man was seen in Fort Worth. Seems odd that Hadley and Lena would go all the way to Fort Worth to shop in the early 1890's. 11 Jo Ann remembered the Howell man's name was John. She remembered the name "Aunt Mattie" and a picture of Bessie that Lena sketched when Bessie was young. John Howell was married 3 times, Elizabeth Proctor Spencer, Sarah E Trimble (Trimble I think is a married name) and Mattie A. He married Elizabeth probably in Alabama and they came to Van Zandt County before 1860. Elizabeth died in 1875, buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Kaufman County. John married Sarah E Trimble in 1875. She dies after 1880. He is married to Mattie by 1900. 1910 Mattie's daughter, Bessie is living with them. Bessie was the daughter of Walter Benjamin Thompson. I think Mattie and Walter divorced. Bessie married Ben D Shannon and had a son, Howell, in 1912. She commiteed suicide by mercury poisoning in 1939

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